Payment Options

Course Payment Options

Many Ways to pay!

At Orca Institute we understand that it can be difficult for many prospective students to pay course fees in full at the start of the course. Therefore, we strive to make it as easy as possible to pay for our courses. Listed below are funding Options.


Financial Aid

  • Government Financial assistance is available for eligible students who are Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents through the Canadian and provincial government student loan programs. Apply to Student Aid BC, or go to the Student Aid website for your Province or territory. Métis Employment Services, Work BC, and other similar groups have funded our students. Please inquire with your group to see if we are covered by them.
  • Calculate your your approximate Canada Student loan

Canadian Armed Forces Funding

Did you serve in the Canadian Armed Forces and plan to attend Orca Institute? If you have at least six years of service, you could be eligible for funding from Veterans Affairs Canada to cover your tuition and other expenses

Perfect for those who choose not to or cannot qualify for a Canada Student loan and would prefer to pay over 8 months at a small fee of 4% of the Total Tuition.


They offer funding of various types depending on need. Inquire at your closest WorkBC office.

Orca Institute’s Interest free Payment Options

All course tuitions are quoted in Canadian Dollars (CAD). Payments can be made online by credit card or direct debit through our invoice system for all of our programs or courses. Our courses are tax-deductible and we do not charge any interest in our payment plans!
Program: HP202 – Hypnotherapy Certification (Basic Certificate Program)
  • $1150.00 down and $566.38 per month for 2 months = $2282.00 plus $250.00 (approx.) for books
  • $920.00 down and $454.25 per month for 3 months = $2282.00 plus $250 (approx.) for books
Program: HP301 – Counselling Hypnotherapist Diploma (Complete Hypnotherapy Program)


  • $2200.00 down and $1850.00 per month for 2 months = $5900.00 plus $500.00 (approx.) for books
  • $1650.00 down and $1416.66 per month for 3 months = $5900.00 plus $500.00 (approx.) for books
  • $1100.00 down and $800.00 per month for 6 months = $5900.00 plus $500.00 (approx.) for books


Program: Counselling Skills Diploma Program – CS 100-600 (including Supervision)


  • Counselling Skills Diploma: $9700.00 plus $900.00 for books (purchased by the student)
    Payment plan 1: $3233.00 Down+$3233.00 x 2 Months = $9700.00
    Payment plan 2: $2900.00 Down+$2266.66 x 3 Months = $9700.00
  • Individual courses: $882.00 per course
    Supervision: $1400.00


Program: Counselling Skills Program – CS 100-600 (including Supervision) (OTG Graduate students only)


    • Counselling Skills Program:  $8300.00 plus $800.00 for books (purchased by the student)
      Payment plan 1: $2900.00 Down+$2700.00 x 2 Months = $8300.00
      Payment plan 2: $2500.00 Down+$1933.33 x 3 Months = $8300.00
    • Individual courses: $732.50 per course, 
      Supervision: $1135.00


Please note:

If a course applicant has previous counselling and/or supervision experience they can challenge those sections of this course. If successful they could qualify for a reduction in course fees and would not have to complete the section in which they have successfully challenged. Please contact the Director to do this. You can also reach Sheldon at 604-900-1245. This must be done before starting your program.

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