Supervision – Direct Client Contact – Sections 1-4 (50Hrs. each = 200 Hrs.)   plus 40Hrs. (Live Zoom classes and student teacher interaction)

Can be taken as a seperate course or as part of our Counselling Skills Diploma Program (included)

Supervision (Direct Client Contact) is provided through student-conducted sessions online or in person. Students will conduct 200 1Hr. Sessions with actual clients and video record three sessions for evaluation. Supervision (Direct Client Contact)  will be divided into 4 sections. Supervision 1,2 3,4. Each section will be 50 Hrs. A video recording of an actual 1 Hr. session will be submitted at the end of Section 1,2,and 3.

The instructor will supervise progress by communicating with the student regularly and Pre-scheduled 2 hr. Zoom classes occur 4x per month. These classes are ongoing and cover the 40 Hrs. of Student-Supervisor consultation required for this section, and it also meets ACCT requirements. Thirty-two of the hours are provided in live online 2-hour sessions where students bring client case studies and personal reflections to the group classes. The remaining 8 hours are for direct supervision on Zoom or phone calls with the Supervisor as needed and initiated by the student.
The Supervisor will critique the student’s recorded sessions for further refinement, accuracy and continued development. Clients typically come from our Facebook group and are other students. However, they can also be individuals who are not students. Students will need to purchase Liability Insurance to work outside the Orca Group.
Students are given very clear guidelines to ensure they do not take on clients with issues beyond their area of competence. Students have ample opportunity to work with the Supervisor to explore client situations and assess competency. The Instructor, Diane Auld, has been in private practice for 20 Years and shares her extensive experience with students.
Students who have previous qualifying Direct Client Contact Hours may receive credit and reduce their required hours accordingly. Once the Supervisor’s credentials are accepted by ACCT.
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